Skiing Robot — Bloopers and Outtakes

Skiing robot navigates autonomously using video camera and other sensors. Developed by Bojan Nemec at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia. Video presented at IEEE/RSJ IROS 2009. For more robot news, visit

Duration : 0:3:24


13 responses to “Skiing Robot — Bloopers and Outtakes”

  1. mudantos Avatar

    r u kidding? what …
    r u kidding? what in has this in common with robotics? this is a piece of metal which “can skii”!!
    dude u should check little children who play witch lego brainstorms, they make more advanced stuff witch the age of 10!
    this is just a waste of time and money…nothing else.

  2. shinrai77 Avatar

    You can make better …
    You can make better? Do you even understand how advanced robotics is?

  3. shinrai77 Avatar

    Greater …
    Greater understanding of robotics? Practice makes perfect.

  4. mudantos Avatar

    this robot is a …
    this robot is a piece of crap like the country where it was made! pathetic slovenians

  5. steverooni99 Avatar

    uh avalanche search …
    uh avalanche search and rescue maybe, duuuhhhrrrrrr moron

  6. filththatisi Avatar

    Great as it maybe a …
    Great as it maybe a skiing robot but how will this benefit the world? Can it be used in the future to rescue people or could it disable bombs that are mysteriously planted in a mountain somewhere…Whats the purpose of this?

  7. DirkSchooner Avatar

    better with sound …
    better with sound off

  8. coachbox Avatar

    ????? ?????????! …
    ????? ?????????! ???????!

  9. B8Av3 Avatar

    The music made me …
    The music made me happy. Thats something when said by a composer.

  10. DAS010 Avatar

    it’s Michael …
    it’s Michael Jackson – Earth Song…

  11. paganiniGOGO Avatar

    It’s a combination …
    It’s a combination of multiple pieces.
    “Waltz of the flowers” tchaikovsky
    “William Tell overture” rossini
    “The New World Symphony mov. 4” dvorak
    “Bridal Chorus” Wagner
    “orpheus in the underworld” offenbach
    “anvil chorus” verdi
    jingle bells
    hava nagila (jewish folk song)

    to name a few

  12. MatthijsTheeuwen Avatar

    Hello, who can tell …
    Hello, who can tell me what the titel of this number is? Maybe also the composer?
    Thank you.
    Greetz Matthijs

  13. roidroid Avatar

    with hip movement …
    with hip movement like that, it might be able to do that Caramell Dansen dance

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