Walky: Operating Method for a Bipedal Walking Robot through Natural Finger Gestures on iPhone

We propose a novel operating method for a bipedal walking robot through personalized gesture expressions of fingers. Bipedal walking robot mimics the human walking for a certain extend and fingers can be used as analogy to human legs. Moreover, fingers not only have visual resemblance but also can mimic actions of legs such as walking, running, kicking or turning, very easily. We are capturing these finger gestures as the controlling method for a bipedal walking robot. We believe that it provides a very intuitive controlling interface since user does not has to go through a complex learning cycle to understand the instructions. Finger actions are captured in both functionality and speed and transferred to the robot.

Robotic Life -http://sugiur.com/robotic_life-e.html
KEIO MEDIA DESIGN -http://www.kmd.keio.ac.jp/en/index.html
JST ERATO IGARASHI Design UI Project -http://www.designinterface.jp/en/
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009

Duration : 0:2:35

[youtube 945Z2xtdEBE]

8 thoughts on “Walky: Operating Method for a Bipedal Walking Robot through Natural Finger Gestures on iPhone

  1. Should change the …
    Should change the info to say… “We propose a gimmicky operating method…”
    I was all for the fun of this, until I actually saw you toss the PS control aside saying it was, “too complicated to understand”.
    Not to mention the ergonomics of using an iphone, cant be good for prolonged usages. And lets be honest, when we’re playing with our bipedal robots, prolonged usage is* to be expected.

  2. They should port …
    They should port this to Google’s Android, if only so that you can control your “droid” with Android. Or would that get kinda confusing?

  3. This is retarded. …
    This is retarded. Teach a robot to walk, turn, and kick, then add a useless app on top to convert gestures into those commands. Movement isn’t 1:1 therefore this is a huge gimmick.

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