James Kochalka

James Kochalka is a prolific cartoonist; the creator of many modern alternative comic classics such as Monkey vs. Robot, American Elf, Peanutbutter and Jeremy & Fancy Froglin. He recently has been exhibiting original “Little Paintings” at Giant Robot in L.A., San Francisco, N.Y., and at Galerie Monastiraki in Montreal. This video features interviews with the artist at his home in Vermont, as well as a live music performance at Galerie Monastiraki of material from his new solo album “Digital Elf.” Directed and edited by Jen MacIntyre and Jesse Bochner.

Duration : 0:6:44





5 responses to “James Kochalka”

  1. MistahHayden Avatar

    This has really …
    This has really reminded me about how much Kochalka has inspired me, thank you.

  2. noelthorne1984 Avatar

    such a cool guy.

    such a cool guy.

    good things, james

  3. magelly7 Avatar

    He seems like the …
    He seems like the real deal. I’m very jealous of this. Part of me wishes he was really a souless mercenary nihilist whose cartoons were produced by a sweatshop full of underpaid immigrants and students.

  4. littleanimation Avatar

    What a charming and …
    What a charming and ingenous man – very well presented. Love these Postage Stamp videos!

  5. ChrisFlyerDyer Avatar

    Very nice. I like …
    Very nice. I like the lightness of his expressions and how he never stops smilling. Big ups Monastiraki!

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