Autonomous Robot Speedway Competition 2009

I filmed this at the Autonomous Robot Speedway Competition at the University of Maryland.

The robot that completes two autonomous laps the fastest without hitting the orange cones wins. They originally planned to do this outside with a more complicated course, but the weather looked like it would rain so they brought it all inside.

For more info, see:

Duration : 0:2:45

[youtube ThZX-SzZ9bs]

5 thoughts on “Autonomous Robot Speedway Competition 2009

  1. I don’t think you …
    I don’t think you would need a neural network. I think it would probably easier and more effective to analyse both images for orange things, then work out which is closest by comparing positions from both cameras, then changing your direction to where there is the least density of orange cones.

    However this is just my opinion I have no clue as to how they were actually programmed =P

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