Clango in SARS Wars

SARS, Avian Flu and other infectious and other potentially highly transmissible diseases are threats to the entire health care workforce. Current respiratory and contact precautions may not always effective in preventing transmission of these diseases. Complete bio-isolation or the use of biohazard suits are not practical solutions for routine day-to-day patient-doctor interactions with highly infectious patients. One potential solution to this challenge is the utilization of mobile robotics. In biothreat situations, mobile robots have several advantages over humans including: imperviousness to infection; ability to be coated in self-decontaminating surfaces; 24 -hour availability; and the ability to serve as a virtual tele-presence and communication conduit for one or more participants. In the case of new biothreats mobile robots could carry some of the burden falls on medical physicians including: collecting lab specimens, delivering medications and meals, transporting bio-hazardous materials and biological waste. This video demonstrates a method for autonomous recharging of a mobile robot, a necessity for achieving long-term robotic activity without human intervention.

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