X-Brat Auto Firing Fully Autonomous Shooting2!!! Robot Mech Warfare Mechwarrior

Second auto tracking test…..still occasionally shooting blanks. I’m only using the left gun for testing purposes. I need to fix the ammo hoppers which are not properly loading all the rounds and you can see the ammo hopper fall off at the end of the video. Tracking and shooting seem to be working well.

Duration : 0:0:51

[youtube mMhrvKEmyTY]

25 thoughts on “X-Brat Auto Firing Fully Autonomous Shooting2!!! Robot Mech Warfare Mechwarrior

  1. It will track an …
    It will track an shoot moving targets too. I am working on a video for that.

    Multiple targets is a little more complicated. It will works on multiple targets under certain conditions. If they are too close together and look like 1 target to the robot he can get confused.

    The robot was designed for competition where it will not see multiple targets at the same time.


  2. What does it do …
    What does it do when the target moves?And if there are multiple targets?

  3. and how does this …
    and how does this tell the difference between the lighties and the darkies, i mean defending freedom and terrorism.

    thanks for helping make automatic murder one step closer. *thumbs up*

  4. Yes…I plan to use …
    Yes…I plan to use this system in the contest and will dial it in for the actual illumination conditions. There has been much debate about that at Trossen forums. This year should have much better illuminiation then last year.

    X-Brat can track objects at night under a 60 watt bulb so I’m fairly sure I can get it to work in competition.

  5. Do you plan to use …
    Do you plan to use auto-targeting for the actual contest? The differences in illumination will make it very difficult to work unless you have a very robust object of interest detector… Blobs will just not cut it 😉

  6. Robocop’s ED 209 …
    Robocop’s ED 209 you have 20 seconds to comply then shoots you anyways.

  7. Yup! I get shot …
    Yup! I get shot every once in a while! One time my wife got shot from about 10 feet away because she was wearing a pink shirt!

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