Joey Chaos from Hanson Robotics

A Rock Star is Born, Rock on!

Joey Chaos, Hanson Robotics latest robot, was introduced at the RoboBusiness Conference & Expo 2007 in Boston, MA, and is the most recent member of Hanson’s robotic family.

Hanson Robotics was founded for one purpose: to design, develop, produce and distribute revolutionary, interactive bio-inspired conversational robots, including the world-famous Albert-Hubo. Hanson’s family of anthropomorphic robots display a unique, artificial subconscious, partly due to their cognitive understanding of language-based interactive speech, conversational capabilities and genuine eye contact, coupled with a full range of human facial expressions thanks to the development of Frubber™, or “flesh rubber”, their proprietary spongy, structured elastic polymer that expertly mimics the movement of real human musculature and skin using 1/20th the power of other existing materials.

Hanson’s robots exhibit the highest level of physical functionality in the industry using an advanced motion-control system to walk, talk, maintain eye contact, recognize faces and speech patterns, and simulate a real person’s personality. All of this is achieved through our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software architecture.

All of Hanson’s robots have a cognitive understanding of the English language, can make eye contact with people, recognize faces and capture the attention of their conversation partner by using a full range of human-like facial expressions.

Pretty amazing stuff.

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25 thoughts on “Joey Chaos from Hanson Robotics

  1. …are these idiots …
    …are these idiots ing blind? cant they see this is some ty old ? im sick of these jittery jerky totally unconvincing ty as “new” but old as robot speech imitator whatevas. Maybe it was cool back in the 90’s but this is so outdated, when they reveal their new e nowadays i expect some real improvements.

  2. The robot is …
    The robot is complete with entire autonomy its just that there are about 7 x ? different devolopment sources. GET IT TOGETHER MEN!>:o

  3. Yes because nothing …
    Yes because nothing can replace a living creature. Like hm… lets see… A ING GODDAM HUMAN BEING.

    I’M SO BORED WITH ANSWERPAD, tell me you aren’t using that engine, isn’t there ANY OTHER BRAIN available? UGH!

    sorry, nice robot. he’s nice. but are you using answerpad or what?

  5. k so if i was to …
    k so if i was to see that talking to me while i was in that room alone, my first reaction would be to run, or to scream and hit it with a bat or whatever i have available.

  6. “So tell me about …
    “So tell me about physics.”

    “Capitolism, soon the US will catch on and adopt the Chineese solution.” LOL

  7. so he’s basically …
    so he’s basically just a chatbot linked into a robotic head- it’s not a cognitive process going on, he’s basically just a speech synthesis programme, reading out sentences that have been written down into his programming. It’s the same with all androids, but I can’t see us being able to develop a “brain” for a robot that’s capable of truely original thought any time soon- they’re always going to be parroting what they’ve been programmed to say, no matter how “naturally” they appear to do so.

  8. “Oh, your glasses …
    “Oh, your glasses are kinda, uh, falling off your face. Here, I’ve got em.”
    “You should know that emotions to me are more important than politics.”


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    ?????????????????has wasted your time?

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