25 thoughts on “Perfect Sex Robot

  1. how on earth is …
    how on earth is that the perfect sex robot, all it does is talk. he didnt make the perfect sex robot, he did the exact opposite.

  2. Hmm… needs to be …
    Hmm… needs to be reprogrammed to say: “No, YOU lick MY boot! NOW!!” lol!

  3. i wonder if you …
    i wonder if you would get a horrible debilitating shock if you tried to have it give you head

  4. No I do not want to …
    No I do not want to lick your feet. Yes I do like music…. as you can see Koko can have a normal conversation. LOL ahaahaha yeah… totally normal reaction to a perverted guy.

  5. Why waste so much …
    Why waste so much time creating a doll that reacts EXACTLY like a female? I thought the purpose of creating it was to get away from the bitchiness of a female.

  6. There is no …
    There is no artificial intelligence. And its recognition and output devices are as advanced as the ones on my cell phone.

  7. Maybe not a good …
    Maybe not a good sex doll, but that “I’m not your slave” part makes it as good as the average wife.

  8. I think this one …
    I think this one might be a failure. no one cares if this can learn, but when it says “No,” that’s when you trash it.

  9. you remember in …
    you remember in Alien3 when Ripley plugs in the damaged Bishop droid??….

  10. You:
    Robot …

    Robot open? mouth!
    Robot lick it!
    Robot suck it!
    OH MY GOD!
    MY DICK!
    Robot Bitch! Robot Bitch!

    Robot Bitch:
    “Meee love you long time!”
    “Till your balls catch fire and fall off…”
    “Meee never STOP”

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