Lyken Love & The Evil Robot – Smother Party

Video & Song Elph and Lyken made for the “Haunted Graffiti” Exhibition at Recoat Gallery Glasgow.
We purposely wanted it to look a bit sketchy plus we were learning on our feet.
Was great fun setting up a green screen in my living room.
Song is called “Smother Party” bit of a skewed love song.
Might tidy up the song at a later date & try and get it released.
Video looked great at the show displayed on an old circular JVC b/w TV that Ali from recoat suspended from the ceiling.
Show runs until 18th of October at Recoat,

Duration : 0:3:51

[youtube HTFVHjKSJK4]

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  1. @ martidog.
    filmed …

    @ martidog.
    filmed in a living room in dundee against a makeshift green screen. (pretty much just a green blanket!)

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