Robot Navigation using a Biomimetic Vision System Test 1

Using a biomimetic vision system for mobile robot navigation. Vision system developed in The University of Adelaide’s Physiology Dept.

This is Phase 2 of the Autonomous Control System for a Mobile Robot final year project for BEng (Electrical & Electronics) under the supervision of Dr Russell Brinkworth and Mr Charlie Green.

Test 1 – Back of camera covered up, so robot can only see its front and sides. The robot went out of the tunnel at the end into ‘the real world’. But it couldn’t see the table because there’s not much texture on it.

Test 2 – Back of camera is still covered. The robot couldn’t see the wall at the end of the tunnel because it has not enough texture, so it thinks that the wall is a free space.

Test 3 – Camera not covered up, so 360deg vision. The beep at the end is the low battery warning. So it was the last run for the day.

This is a work in progress, lots more to do. Control system is definitely not optimally tuned yet.

Filmed on 24th April 2009.

Duration : 0:2:2

[youtube MQGNGaX8PSA]

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