Robot Chroma Key and Dance Demo

ERP using my Biped Engine v2 to dance through pre-programmed motions. A speed variable is increased to show that the engine can smoothly handle both really slow and really fast motions.

Chroma key was used to make one robot appear to be three. I actually filmed it three times, in three different locations, on a green floor, then combined the three together. If you look carefully, you’ll see various chroma key artifacts that I didn’t care to fix.

ERP is a fully opened sourced robot, with code and plans all available for you to download.

for more information on ERP:

ERP uses the Axon II microcontroller:

As for the background, I did all filming entirely in Thailand (where I often live for 6 months at a time). KMUTT supplied me the green floor and wall. The river pictures were from a recent trip I went on, and it just seemed to fit with my mood . . .

Duration : 0:2:0






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