Robot roach extracts order from chaos

Scientists have created a robot that can move around just like an insect, powered by a simple circuit capable of generating many complex behaviours. The circuit employs chaos theory the idea that systems are very sensitive to small changes, which can quickly become magnified. The robot, called AMOS, can use its simple circuit to respond to light and sound, pull its foot out of a hole, or run away from obstacles thrown in its path. Read the original research here: and Nature’s news story here:

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  1. broncocv Avatar

    Interesting, but I …
    Interesting, but I don’t see where the circuit seems simple!!…anyway, this is a very interesting branch for robotics…the other one I love the most is evolutionary robotics…I guess both are related

  2. danielz4485 Avatar

    i …

    i recomend James Gleick’s “chaos” for a verry well popular-science explanation of the theory and for its history.
    if you want to better anderstand the math behind it, i also recomend “Nonlinear dynamics and Chaos” by Steven Strogatz, but those are just the ones i read, and theres probably many other great books out there about the topic.

  3. YTavish141 Avatar


  4. ilovehd831 Avatar

    This really seems …
    This really seems like it could be a completely new approach than anything I have seen yet. I’m not sure I fully understand chaos theory as much as I would like, but I would be very interested to know exactly how this system works. I’m curious to know exactly how these complex behaviors are produced.

  5. bobbit3 Avatar

    great, a new use …
    great, a new use for my old palmpilot

  6. bobbit3 Avatar

    great, a new use …
    great, a new use for my old palmpilot

  7. jldessalles Avatar

    This video is void …
    This video is void of any scientific explanation. The commentary is not what we expect from Nature.
    We want to know what the breakthrough is, as compared to usual neural nets.

  8. uiteoi Avatar

    This is a major …
    This is a major breakthrough in our understanding of how neurons actually work. Not using deterministic logic as we thought thus far, but using chaos theory.

  9. youpicotube Avatar

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand why the chaos theory. It seems to me, that robot just chooses the actions randomly. Does anybody know more precisely, how is the chaos theory involved? I’m seriously interested in the topic.

  10. DeimosSaturn Avatar

    you could perhaps …
    you could perhaps adapt this principle to quantum computers to ratchet up their capabilities.

  11. bloodrayne1000 Avatar

    good work. such …
    good work. such intresting movements they are right if it moved faster but yeah you are on the right road now we just need to head down that road even more. keep up the good work

  12. ClimateAware Avatar

    Humanity needs a …
    Humanity needs a change of heart!

    Check out William Tarkovsky’s youtube eco-video The Book of New Creation…

  13. omiolo Avatar

    I realize the …
    I realize the technology is good, but the practical application is still lacking. I would suggest putting an environmental exoskeleton on it.

  14. mheld76 Avatar

    It still seems …
    It still seems quite slow… Almost like its ‘over-thinking’ before making a move. Being that neuronal input is far slower than inorganic circuitry, I’m wondering if the chaotic theory-based processor is actually leading to decision lag that is not rectified by memory and learning (of course I instinctually fear the end of the human race if it can do those things!) Very cool, nonetheless — good work!

  15. teemuruskeepaa Avatar

    Why doesn’t it do …
    Why doesn’t it do any of the 11. options in random, for example climb when rotated ?

  16. LikeAPossum Avatar

    an interesting …
    an interesting cockroach

  17. iPlantChannel Avatar

    very good. …
    very good. modelling spontaneous behaviour seems central.

  18. DeletedDelusion Avatar

    Now that’s an …
    Now that’s an iteresting approach.

  19. mcmurder3 Avatar

    wow its awsome
    wow its awsome

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