Diode the robot

This is Diode my homemade robot. I built it using an Arduino Duemilanova, Adafruit motor shield, Dual motor tamaya gear box with replacement motors from Pololu.com, two 9V LiPo batterys with build in LiPo charger boards from sparkfun.com, a Parallax Ping((( sonar sensor and a servo as his head to look around (not programed to do so in this video)

Special thank for this code goes to grinan from the forums at http://forums.ladyada.net he wrote the code that this bot is running.

List of all my online stores i used.
www.sparkfun.com —- batterys, servo’s, charger board, arduino boards, anything they got it.
www.adafruit.com —– motor shield, anything arduino board and beyond.
www.makershed.com —– arduino boards, and tons of kits to get you started on electronics.
www.pololu.com ———- gear boxes, motors, and other robot supplies.
www.parallax.com ——- robot gear, sensors, robot kits, ETC.
www.allelectronics.com —— great for just about any electrical item you want at awesome low prices. (hint buy in bulk)

I will be putting up a new website showing the entire building process of Diode.

Duration : 0:1:4

[youtube ZgqZ1_MRXZE]

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