Monkey Controls Advanced Robot With Its Mind

A research team led by Dr. Andrew Schwartz at the University of Pittsburgh has taught a monkey to use just its thoughts to control an advanced robot arm. For more details, see

Duration : 0:0:43

[youtube cZn46l7uEKg]

25 thoughts on “Monkey Controls Advanced Robot With Its Mind

  1. Monkey see and …
    Monkey see and monkey do, sweet treat reward: Looks like some of my past co-workers, they would even hoard the supermarket (it is theirs, they saw it first).

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  3. @roidroid
    So …

    So please don’t be so harsh on prisoners
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  4. @BigSean1992 Did …
    @BigSean1992 Did you know that USA has 1% of it’s population in jail?
    And they are basically de-facto slaves – working for no money, if they refuse they get solitary confinement.
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    Did you know about this happening in the land of the Free?
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  5. @roidroid then …
    @roidroid then perform it on prison inmates at least they have no value and deserve to be treated like animals

  6. @Quidgo >years old

    @Quidgo >years old

    nah you’re thinking of another video.

  7. @BigSean1992 …
    @BigSean1992 because it causes brain damage.

    The neural link doesn’t last long before the neurons involved actually die, effectively “breaking” the mechanism. AFAIK it’s still a rather “brute force” technique – the neurons are damaged by the process and don’t last long.

    But don’t worry, there’s always a variety of research projects underway to bypass these problems.

  8. I think it’s a fake …
    I think it’s a fake. I think the monkey is the robots lunch meal.

  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, that’s a good point!!! XD hahahahahahahhaha

  10. Leave that monkey …
    Leave that monkey alone, you can make those experiments with humans!
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  12. The video above …
    The video above shows the experiment. Note the monkey on the right side of the screen. It uses its right arm to tap a button. (Its left arm is gently restrained inside a tube.) This triggers the robotic manipulator labeled DENSO [left side of the screen] to position a black knob at an arbitrary point in space. The monkey then controls its articulated robotic arm to grasp the knob.

    After gently touching the knob, the monkey places its mouth on a straw: it then gets a drink reward.

  13. After that, both …
    After that, both robotic arms reset. Again, the monkey taps the button, waits for the knob’s new position, and readily and precisely moves its robotic arm to get a drink.

    In this experiment, the monkey received two brain implants: one in the hand area and another in the arm area of its motor cortex. The implants monitor the firing of motor neurons and send this data to a computer, which translates the patterns into commands for the robotic arm.

  14. @Helldiver450
    but …

    but maybe u would be some nazi officer then 😛

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