[NXT Robot] Fastest Lego Robotic Arm

? An Autonomous [5 DoF] Robotic Arm built using Lego Mindstorms NXT Kits.

? Application: (In industries) to pick goods from conveyor belt and place/pile/package them.

? Main components: 2 NXT Processors, 2 Sensors [Ultrasonic & Touch sensor] and 4 Servo motors.

? Built within 2 weeks. [Design + Assemble + Program + Test Runs / Video etc]

? It’s not an Ad for Pepsi 😉

Duration : 0:1:18


13 responses to “[NXT Robot] Fastest Lego Robotic Arm”

  1. translego1 Avatar

    what model kit is …
    what model kit is that on th back of the arn?

  2. VisualBasicProgger Avatar

    amazing !
    amazing !

  3. inventorlewis Avatar

    just plain clever , …
    just plain clever , cool !!!!

  4. jeffconnelly0 Avatar

    do you have a LDD …
    do you have a LDD file for this? I would love to build it

  5. luisbeck007 Avatar

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  6. fasolyo0o0o Avatar

    that sounds crazy …
    that sounds crazy 1000000 stars! for your robot!

  7. DominicTheBombinic Avatar

    that thing is scary …
    that thing is scary lookin!

  8. binkydude Avatar

    Its pretty fast, …
    Its pretty fast, thats for sure!

  9. JTKG2009 Avatar

    yea dude thats sweet
    yea dude thats sweet

  10. RoboGiants Avatar

    nice one
    nice one

  11. robopiano Avatar

    Very awesome! I …
    Very awesome! I could not build something like this!

  12. mathrocks Avatar

    yup nice
    yup nice

  13. hasshamk Avatar

    pretty cool dude.. …
    pretty cool dude.. 5stars

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