Interactive Visitors Center – Ciudad Grupo Santander, Madrid

YDreams” largest project to date, “El Faro” Visitors Center, is the gateway to Santander Group’s financial complex on the outskirts of Madrid. The center is a creative mix of advanced robotics, hi-res LED paneled columns and interactive interface design that offer visitors memorable and impactful forms of exploring the group’s history and global presence.

Knee-high autonomous robots greet and guide visitors to their destination in the center, a large-scale model of the financial campus uses augmented reality and advanced graphics to explore points of interest, and a 12-meter tactile, interactive wall senses when people approach, triggers eye-catching graphics and lets visitors explore multimedia contents about “Ciudad Group Santander”.

Duration : 0:3:4





23 responses to “Interactive Visitors Center – Ciudad Grupo Santander, Madrid”

  1. xquesiano83 Avatar

    cannoir, spanish …
    cannoir, spanish have euros, not pesos, because we are europeans.

  2. legomaniacman Avatar

    reminds me of a …
    reminds me of a racing helmet and I imagine misbehaving kids go robot tipping 😛

  3. trumpetuk111 Avatar

    @cannoir – listen …
    @cannoir – listen to bolazabal87 and learn. Rather than waste money paying for the unemployed, they built something wonderful and in the process employed many thousands. No es triste, es fenomenal.

  4. squarezeroone Avatar

    Y dreams rocking!
    Y dreams rocking!

  5. lcominghome Avatar

    waste of money
    waste of money

  6. drealm Avatar

    The future is …
    The future is glorious.

  7. larryshimokaji204 Avatar

    It is nice that …
    It is nice that they took the time to give out the information

  8. bolazabal87 Avatar

    @alabado Dado que …
    @alabado Dado que es un banco, y no una caja, puede invertir donde quiera y como quiera… Además tiene bastante sentido que la central de sus oficinas esté en la capital.

  9. cannoir Avatar

    They looked much …
    They looked much bigger on my screen I thought it would drive people to their destination.Meh, this is a gimmick that looks fancy and all but it is not neccessary.
    the spanish have enough pesos to fund this gimmich and they can’t cut their unemployment ? Che Triste

  10. alejandromodel Avatar

    avances de la …
    avances de la tecnología son importantes

  11. somejackball Avatar

    finally, something …
    finally, something futuristic!! no flying cars yet, but i’ll take it!!

  12. dasomen Avatar

    Very impressive
    Very impressive

  13. etnelav Avatar

    judgement day is …
    judgement day is coming

  14. RazorXRS Avatar

    sooper cool!
    sooper cool!

  15. mikegogan Avatar

    A Beautiful piece …
    A Beautiful piece of work – well done!!

  16. alabado Avatar

    Todo ese dinero …
    Todo ese dinero invertido en Madrid… ¿y en Santander invierten algo?

  17. IvoSimeonov Avatar

    HOLY COW! Off to …
    HOLY COW! Off to Madrid! 😀

  18. mista925 Avatar

    can someone say ” …
    can someone say “STAR WARS?” the droid thingy is like an r2d2, and the wall is like the jedi database thingy…. now all we need are lightsabers and hovercraft…

  19. TPNBTV Avatar

    my mind is blown
    my mind is blown

  20. awesomedez Avatar

    mouse droids
    mouse droids

  21. PsalmLove Avatar

    I want to live in …
    I want to live in that lobby, lol

  22. cryptic44 Avatar

    simply brilliant
    simply brilliant

  23. JoaoAlv3s Avatar

    Muito fixe!

    Muito fixe!
    parecem aquelas caixinhas que andam dentro da Deatstar, mas com um look Minority Report.

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