PlayStation Home interactive items – THX Robot – The THX Robot is a Japan only Reward item that can only be rewarded to others by the owners of the THX Robot.

Its a nice interactive item that well move around your personal space or follow you if you wish. You can only place two of them because its a ‘active’ item.

For more information on Home’s interactive items check the following page:

Duration : 0:1:37

[youtube NRdkQsP2Ws8]

16 thoughts on “PlayStation Home interactive items – THX Robot

  1. What personal space …
    What personal space? I love those traditional Japanese homes 😀

  2. @WarshipAngelus …
    @WarshipAngelus there only rude to you cause everyone knows your a pervert stalker freak!!!

  3. If you have the …
    If you have the robot yourself, and wish to give it to your friends (so they can give it to their friends as well, and so on), do the following:

    1. Have your friend move close to the robot.
    2. Go to your gestures and select “point” to the robot.

    Your friend should have the robot in their inventory. However, the robot will change places whenever your friend comes to see you, so it will not be in the same position you’re seeing, so be alert.

    If you don’t have THX, see if someone else does. 😉

  4. i would freak out …
    i would freak out at night if that thig followed me around

  5. Japan Home is just …
    Japan Home is just a weird place.. there I said it… It would be nice to meet people on there that speak english, but most of the people that I run into always do the silly faces expressions thing of ^ ^ or some of the other ones.. It would be nice for a change when I log into Japan Home either to see more people speake english or try to be nicer to english speaking people while on Japan Home.

  6. So let me get this …
    So let me get this straight..

    The THX Robot can only be given as a rewared to someone that invite you to a certain space… That’s just crazy… Since I don’t speak Japanese on Japan Home and most of the people on there are rude to english Home users or they don’t talk to certain people because either they don’t like them or they don’t know them.. I guess, I’m out of luck since I only have one friend on Japan Home and he is american and he isn’t hardly on Japan Home sometimes.

  7. Adorable robots! …
    Adorable robots! And I liked seeing Toro walking in the yard, too.

  8. @SnakesNBarrels01 …
    @SnakesNBarrels01 Thats the space i’m in not the robots 🙂

  9. The constant …
    The constant chirping makes me want to commit suicide.

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