Closed loop 6DoF SLAM with Kurt3D and the IAIS-3DLS

6D SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) or 6D concurrent localization and mapping of mobile robots considers six dimensions for the robot pose, namely, the x, y, and z coordinates and the roll, yaw, and pitch angles. Robot motion and localization on natural surfaces, e.g., driving outdoor with a mobile robot, must regard these degrees of freedom. This video presents a robotic mapping method based on locally consistent 3D laser range scans at Campus Castle Birlinghoven. The robot Kurt3D make a closed loop trip at the Fraunhofer IAIS RoboticLab and captures the 3D scans. Iterative Closest Point scan matching, combined with a heuristic for closed loop detection and a global relaxation method, results in a highly precise mapping system. (Hartmut Surmann)
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Duration : 0:2:35

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