SPider Bot III

Another basic bot (costs around 55$) required some soldering. It runs on a simple circuit powered by AAA batteries and 2 motors powered by a 9v battery. Basically the LED flashes continuously and when it encounters an object the light is reflected back to a photo transistor which immediately throws one motor into reverse and stops the other one for 3 seconds. this robot also falls into the category of mechanical illusion. Very fun i think, i like the colors.

Duration : 0:0:47

[youtube MUmsJO8WUac]

5 thoughts on “SPider Bot III

  1. allegolle, you have …
    allegolle, you have to solder it and assemble it your self but if you plan on getting it, its in an advanced soldering class.

  2. Have you made it by …
    Have you made it by yourself? – i mean is this made by a company or a private?

    Anyway, its really cool 😉 – thums up!

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