OWI-6573 Knight Invader III
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The future of toys has arrived. Knight Invader III is a super race car that includes mini-construction projects, teaches the basic principles of electricity, gear mechanisms, and demonstrates two different modes of propulsion. This sleek super racer has it all and a little bit more.

KNIGHT INVADER III can propel itself off the starting line and challenges any contender to try to stay up when it is set into direct motor drive.
When on a mission, KNIGHT INVADER III can secretly change its transportation mode to solar power (sold separately). Plus, for the educationally minded guardians, this fire plug kit
includes mini construction projects that teach the basic principles of electricity including experiments involving series and parallel circuits and solar energy (sold separately).

Another brilliant idea Dr. OWIKIT, is the inclusion of a bulb and switch that allows our friends to investigate simple experiments in conductivity. No tools required for embly.

Movement: 4 wheels. Power: “AA” x 2 (not included), solar battery (sold separately). Body
size: 10 x 7 x 20cm. Propulsion: direct motor drive, solar (optional).

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