Anybots QB Telepresence Robot

Advanced telepresence robot created by Silicon Valley robotics start-up Anybots.

Duration : 0:1:14


14 responses to “Anybots QB Telepresence Robot”

  1. Azadeth666 Avatar

    I wouldn’t be able …
    I wouldn’t be able to take seriously anything that looks like a toilet plunger on wheels.

  2. HerbMentor Avatar

    I feel like I’d …
    I feel like I’d have to run into the office a few times a day to free my robot when it gets stuck in a cubicle. Also, when someone steels my $15K robot, I won’t be there to chase them.

  3. Outback371 Avatar

    it needs a wig and …
    it needs a wig and some funny arms

  4. gyrandoo Avatar

    This is some sort …
    This is some sort of futuristic Milky Joe.

  5. dezenaamkannog Avatar

    how do you do multi …
    how do you do multi(stereo) view geometry 3d reconstruction with this robotic vision?

  6. thegreatestg Avatar

    i don’t understand …
    i don’t understand why is this better than good old webcam?

  7. roidroid Avatar

    @frankbraker …
    @frankbraker lamp-posts kill thousands of people every year.

  8. frankbraker Avatar

    you really think an …
    you really think an egomaniac CEO of some company is going to want to telepresence fear and woe to his remote minions with a lamp-post? way too wimpy looking!

  9. trailkeeper Avatar

    @trailkeeper If the …
    @trailkeeper If the camera /sensor unit can be adjusted in height and have a macro lens it would greatlly increase that capability.

  10. trailkeeper Avatar

    It’s nice. People …
    It’s nice. People have been dreaming of this for years, of particular use for the disabled to like “go outside” once in a while to just look around or go shopping. One thing your robot needs is the ability to carry a small package, perhaps secured with a lock if need be, for delivery, perhaps papers, or digital medial, etc for added convenience and efficiency.

  11. Esperantanaso Avatar

    It’d be neat to go …
    It’d be neat to go to school like this, then I wouldn’t have to drive! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Teachers could just send PDFs of worksheets and so forth, and I could do them at home.

  12. aerodyno Avatar

    awesome video, go …
    awesome video, go anybots!

  13. arsipaani Avatar

    Only thing really …
    Only thing really missing in bot is screen showing your face… but cool idea,

  14. NJjorgensen Avatar

    That’s cool ๐Ÿ™‚
    That’s cool ๐Ÿ™‚

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