Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Kit Unboxing

This kit is great for learning about microprocessors, how to program in a microprocessor language, and how robotics work. You can find more information about this kit here:

Duration : 0:9:52

[youtube pVPAoKZdmoA]

4 thoughts on “Parallax Boe-Bot Robot Kit Unboxing

  1. Awesome video! I’ve …
    Awesome video! I’ve never really thought about robotics since its so expensive but i just might have to try this out! I’ll have to do some more research on it. Thumbs up!

  2. lol I got one of …
    lol I got one of those I have the serial one I got it at radio shack, I just got the usb to seril cable this is a great kit to start and it teaches every thing. its a fun kit and it is so virsatile and can be used on a lot of projects. cool I have to see what else you have good vid

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