ABB Robotics – New Generation Workpiece Positioners

When working on complex parts, or with complex processes like arc welding, 6 axis may just not be enough. For these situations ABB introduces a new generation of workpiece positioners which can be fully coordinated with the movement of ABB robots. They are designed to be easy to use & integrate and employ the same drives and software as the robots.
In this movie the IRBP R type positioner demonstrates its speed, accuracy and dexterity by coordinating motion with two IRB 1600ID arc welding robots using MultiMove. To find out more about ABB’s new generation workpiece positioners link here:

Duration : 0:2:3





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  1. ABBRobotics Avatar

    @TheGhostOfSabotage …
    @TheGhostOfSabotage Glad you like. There’s a load of great technology in these positions including fully dynamic digital models that optimize the servos in real time.

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    Cool man, always …
    Cool man, always interesting in new robotics! 🙂

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