Schylling High Wheel Robot Tin Wind-up Space Toy Presenting a brand new reproduction High-Wheel robot from Schylling Toys. This is a great tin toy reproduction! It looks good, its plays good and it even feels good! The detailed graphics invite you to take a closer look.

Wind up motor. His eyes flash, the window in his chest shows sparks flying as the wheels spin around & he walks forward! His head antenna acts as an On/Off switch. The Ha-Ha Toy logo is on the rear.

Measures 9 1/2″ inches tall.

Can be played with or looks great on display!

Duration : 0:0:51

[youtube Y5s6XYcUe0w]

4 thoughts on “Schylling High Wheel Robot Tin Wind-up Space Toy

  1. The “vintage” toy …
    The “vintage” toy Robots are wonderful-but they are dreadfully expensive. These Schylling reproductions are fabulous! They capture the old charm and feature the old construction, yet they are affordable…unless of course one is prone to chewing on and eating the paint off of them…that could be a problem. Otherwise, they are wonderful!

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