Lego Minstorm NXT Pinball Machine

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This is my Lego Mindstorms NXT Pinball Machine. I built it with only one Lego NXT set and programmed it using RobotC. It will give you more points the longer you can keep the ball in play. It uses all three motors, two for bumbers and the third for dropping the ball onto the board. You control the bumpers with the arrow keys on the NXT. It uses the light sensor, which is positioned at the bottom of the board for sensing when the bumpers missed the ball. The touch sensor is positioned at the top so that when you hit it it will give you a bonus of 500 points but, it dosen’t really work because the ball is not strong enough to push the touch sensor all the way in.

Overall I am pretty happy with it and it is fun to play with. Please subscribe!
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Duration : 0:1:8

[youtube u4E3dLzpNCw]

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