Emerging Companies Summit – Universal Robotics

Universal Robotics is one of the great startups that will be presenting at this year’s Emerging Companies Summit, taking place at the GPU Technology Conference. Universal Robotics makes software that lets machines learn from interactions with the physical world and adapt to better perform specific tasks. The learning and adapting part is covered by Universal Robotics AI software called Neocortex.

Duration : 0:0:45

[youtube YMNJdls67eI]

12 thoughts on “Emerging Companies Summit – Universal Robotics

  1. 0:35 Fail box. …
    0:35 Fail box. Nvidia needs to step up it’s game, their Quadros are really good, but GeForce is a disappointment and has been going downhill since the 9000 series.

  2. i still wonder why …
    i still wonder why they wanna make robots? so we can be more lazy and get more fatter and have no Jobs… wow this Human Beings are taking us to the Success Nott!!!!!

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