Sneak Peak: InterbotiX PhantomX Hexapod Part 2

Just some more footage of the upcoming Interbotix PhantomX Hexapod Kit. Showing off a few different walking gaits and some close-ups of it walking.

We’ve been a tad quiet these last few months, but we’re getting ready to unveil what we’ve been up to! Here is a sneak peak at the InterbotiX PhantomX Hexapod, powered by Vanadium Labs! This crawler will feature AX-12+ Dynamixels, LiPo Batteries, a durable ABS frame, and the super-powerful ArbotiX Robocontroller w/ Xbee Wireless onboard! It runs a fully open source IK engine developed by Vanadium Labs, and has tons of I/O available for additional sensors. Stay tuned for this kit, as well as the AX-18F PhantomX variant, the RX-24F/RX-28 powered WidowX Hexapod, and the RX-64 powered ScorpionX Hexapod in the very near future! Also- Quadrupeds!

More info found here:

Duration : 0:2:23

[youtube n6P-vyBXxYA]

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