Robotic Drums

18 Darbuka drums and 36 robotic arms are controlled via wireless communication. Drum music is composed and played at a music sequencer on an iPad (or a PC… :).

The project will be presented at the Bat-Yam international biennale of landscape urbanism, September 2010, as a part of the ‘Green to Blue’ ecological street project. During the biennale, electricity generated by wind turbines and photovoltaic cells will be used to operate the robotic Darbuka drums. The drums are to be mounted on the wind turbines columns, creating a hybrid, digital-mechanic drumming circle, a futuristic-traditional acoustic space.

Darbuka drums and robotics: Assaf Talmudi, Liat Segal and Jonathan Rubin.
Green to Blue, Street Production: Matanya Sack and Uri Reicher.

Duration : 0:1:21





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