World Tech Update, Sept. 30, 2010

Coming up on this week’s show RIM unveils the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer, Apple’s iPhone 4 launches in China, Nintendo’s 3DS readies to go on sale, electric cars debut at the Paris Auto Show, Sony Ericsson’s LiveView is a mini display for Android phones, Sharp gets into the e-reader business, and Raytheon revamps its Exoskeleton robotic suit to give users superhuman strength.
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Duration : 0:6:44

[youtube uzXMqPXi5UM]

11 thoughts on “World Tech Update, Sept. 30, 2010

  1. how bout stop the …
    how bout stop the war so u dont have to waste so much money on it?

    btw, the pop car was freaking awesome

  2. if i could but mac …
    if i could but mac os x on the playbook i wold buy it in a second

  3. @mstrcht043 i …
    @mstrcht043 i thought the same thing lol. that watch thing was hot though

  4. the sony erricson …
    the sony erricson remote looks horribly like the ipod nano, but with a crappier screen.

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