Video 1 : Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton

See Hayden Allen using Rex, the Robotic Exoskeleton, a world first product developed by Rex Bionics. (Video Production – 90 Seconds TV ) Disclosure: Rex has not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for commercial distribution in the U.S.

Duration : 0:5:10





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  1. masterofrockets Avatar

    i feel sorry for …
    i feel sorry for the 10 pple tht died watching this amaxing video and land on the dislike button

  2. DjKarman Avatar

    @ErlendWins Apple …
    @ErlendWins Apple iWalk

  3. magog1138 Avatar

    I wish you all the …
    I wish you all the luck in the world! This will make the dream of so many come true. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to be able to walk after so many years, it must’ve been akin to experiencing firsthand a true-to-life miracle!

  4. natiandgus Avatar

    Truly a leap in …
    Truly a leap in medical technology, I wish you luck and much success in the future.

  5. CuteTeef Avatar

    @ErlendWins yeah I …
    @ErlendWins yeah I bet in 10 years paraplegic ppl will be running the marathon. Just wished now was 2020 😀

  6. rexbionics Avatar

    @evlzx Thanks. Your …
    @evlzx Thanks. Your comments are really appreciated by our team. We’re looking forward to bringing more of the Rex story to YouTube soon. Thomas at Rex Bionics.

  7. evlzx Avatar

    Outstanding. I was …
    Outstanding. I was in a motorcycle wreck once… was in a wheelchair for 3 months… to a degree I understand not being able to walk… this is outstanding. I can’t wait to see this progress 🙂

  8. autobotleader100 Avatar

    Colonel, Im in …
    Colonel, Im in front of the manufacturing facility.

  9. autobotleader100 Avatar

    Man, Rex. Are they …
    Man, Rex. Are they crazy. Bipedal legs called Rex. Sounds like a gear. A metal pair of legs. Hmmm. Metal Gear Rex(A bipedal walking nuke launcher)Rex(bipedal legs for paralyzed people) Man if I were Hideo Kojima, I would sue.

  10. NicosMind Avatar

    stop bones …
    stop bones degrading.
    You think im ungrateful? Im not, i just know far better than you do. I was walking up until 4 years ago when i was hit by a car. Ill tell you what im not also. Im not so delusional that i cant see a crappy product and a sales pitch. Sure its got potential but theres a lot of delusional desperate people out there that would be suckered by this sales pitch and highly disappointed when they do see this product.
    Plus this is so slow/unmaneuverable its nothing like walking!

  11. NicosMind Avatar

    @totkrieg I cant …
    @totkrieg I cant walk. Im a T3 paraplegic so i know what its like. Anything like walking is possible in other shittier standing frames that you operate with your arms and body muscles. We had one in the hospital where i spent nearly 6 months being rehabilitated. Speedwise it was a superior product. I did watch the whole thing. We have wooden standing frames and we’re meant to stand for an hour a day. It doesnt have a “ton” of uses but just a couple, digestion, blood pressure and to (continue)

  12. totkrieg Avatar

    @NicosMind If you …
    @NicosMind If you couldn’t walk, anything like walking would be “great”… if you watch the whole thing he brings up just being able to stand without someone else has tons of uses for him. Don’t be so ungrateful…

  13. Gunther7705 Avatar

    comments are …
    comments are appreciated and returned !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. macska61 Avatar

    Oh this is awesome! …
    Oh this is awesome! I wish I could get one for my son!

  15. NicosMind Avatar

    @dwntwn1973 thats …
    @dwntwn1973 thats cause the machine is still a piece of shit. It takes all day to get anywhere. The guy is hugley exagerating how “great” the machine is. Probably a part owner.

  16. Zooni2 Avatar

    What happens if he …
    What happens if he slips on ice. Will he be injured and can he get back up.

  17. freddyoner Avatar

    just a thought, …
    just a thought, what about putting wheels on the sides so that it can be a hybrid so that you have a option without having to transfer to a wheelchair. at least until REX can move a little faster.

  18. bjv228922 Avatar

    why not just …
    why not just replace the legs altogether wish motorized prosthesis. Using nano fibers you could link them right into the spinal column. And because the legs would be robotic they can be operated independently from any upper body issues. However provide an upper body stability they could also have gyroscopic sensors that tied into the nano fibers in the spinal column. This would solve the issue of speeds and bulkiness of the unit.

  19. Shadow1837 Avatar

    @DavidMiller1991 …
    @DavidMiller1991 This is Metal Gear REX version 0.1

  20. dwntwn1973 Avatar

    This would be much …
    This would be much more interesting if the video work were actually intelligently done instead of trying to look stylish. I want to see full-length shots of the Rex in use, not flash-cut closeups of specific pieces of it such that I have no idea of how it looks when someone actually uses it.

  21. thisisspartacus Avatar

    Those military …
    Those military exoskeletons are much faster, but I guess that might be because their movement is led by actual human movement. Since paralyzed people can’t move the limbs that the machine needs to move it presents a different problem. I’ve seen prosthetics that are connected to human nerves and work really well, can’t they do that here for a faster response time?

  22. 1dsmark11 Avatar

    Interesting …
    Interesting development, does anyone know how this compares to Argo Medical Technologies Rewalk developed in 2008, ?The Israeli system seems to be the FIRST and is much faster!

  23. thedailyenglishshow Avatar

    Very cool! Hayden …
    Very cool! Hayden is cute too.

  24. 64aligator Avatar


  25. Guesswhokk Avatar


    Most …

    Most paralysed products are generally expensive for no good reason (and I say it as a product designer), but to the paralysed people it is something money cannot buy like “independancy”.

    But I do agree, Rex would be seen as a introductory product until there are enough “competition” to drive the cost down and up it technology.

    BTW product cost are highly depedent on order quantitly and the willingness to change in the manufacturing world.

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