New robotic hand ‘can feel’

A team of scientists from Italy and Sweden has developed what is believed to be the first artificial hand that has feeling. It has been attached to the arm of a 22-year-old man who lost his own hand through cancer. Researchers say it works by connecting human nerve endings with tiny electronic sensors.

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  1. CyphroZero50 Avatar

    once i was with my …
    once i was with my dad and my foot that was cut off because it was crushed in a car accident so now i have a metal leg that goes up to my knee good thing it didnt crush my whole leg otherwise it would be hard to walk, i feel realy happy that that man has a hand that responds to his brain

  2. CyphroZero50 Avatar

    @joejoe8151 i dont …
    @joejoe8151 i dont think it does since its not stiched on the wrist if you unplug the wires on the wrist it might kill him

  3. bulldog40216 Avatar

    @teamkvs THATS JUST …
    @teamkvs THATS JUST WRONG

  4. mangafreek3295 Avatar

    at first I heard he …
    at first I heard he say an aggresive tuba so I was like “how hard was this guy playing the tuba that he lost his hand?”

  5. arne2004 Avatar

    @NoiteraD I don’t …
    @NoiteraD I don’t think it is possible yet without batteries. Our muscles are highly advanced and got very energy efficient with evolution. Motors can’t output the same force with this kind of energy.
    But someone correct me if I’m wrong 🙂
    @Video: It makes me feel really happy to see that it is possible with modern technology to give these people some degree of a ‘normal’ life back. Someday they will look just like normal limbs.

  6. ishouldplayzelda Avatar

    someone should …
    someone should invent automail

  7. Elune137 Avatar

    25 years after the …
    25 years after the first Terminator movie, we can see now robotic hands that look quite similar. That’s indeed an exciting age.

  8. NoiteraD Avatar

    @spider853 Well, i …
    @spider853 Well, i don’t think the small motors in the fingers would last for long if you put higher voltage on them, and the battery youre using would be empty too.
    What i wonder about is, could you somehow get electricity from the energy you’d normally use to move the muscles, so you dont have to carry batteries?

  9. dethdakiller0 Avatar

    Wow, this is …
    Wow, this is amazing. Real, working, cyborg hands. Makes you wonder until stuff like this is common place, like will smith’s hand in iRobot.

    I am proud, humanity.

  10. spider853 Avatar

    BTW, does it …
    BTW, does it include antihacking technology so nobody can make it stronger for bad proposes?

  11. spider853 Avatar

    @joejoe8151 no, …
    @joejoe8151 no, because you will turn it off, and I don’t think it has a big signal.. just a small impulse

  12. joejoe8151 Avatar

    question: if the …
    question: if the hand has feeling in it and its detachable does it hurt when you remove the hand?

  13. AtrumMixer Avatar

    Is it just me or …
    Is it just me or did the narrator translate completely wrong?

  14. patty360 Avatar

    @daliproject198 i …
    @daliproject198 i have the I-LIMB Pulse i can lift 90kg of the hand and 32kg on each finger!

  15. daliproject198 Avatar

    question ?
    how …

    question ?
    how much power can the arm take
    can it lift like 30 Kg ?

  16. darthmongoose2 Avatar

    will I get a …
    will I get a powerfist in the next 10 years?

  17. GriffenMorivan Avatar

    D00d.Seriously, I …
    D00d.Seriously, I immediately went to gun arms.

  18. GhettoDweebs Avatar

    Let the force be …
    Let the force be with you luke.

  19. resettimanalt Avatar

    Well, the real …
    Well, the real question is, does it need batteries to operate? Or does it feed off of the energy from brain waves?

  20. djtrain0495 Avatar

    This is the future …
    This is the future in Knex technology, people!

  21. MickBoobaloo Avatar

    Holy garbage pails. …
    Holy garbage pails. This is insane. Jesus.

  22. timelordcreation Avatar

    just give these …
    just give these things to that big dog robot and humanity is boned

  23. psherminator Avatar

    i’m gonna chop my …
    i’m gonna chop my arms and legs and get robot ones then take over the world…

  24. doggypower1 Avatar

    now that is the …
    now that is the most advanced robotic hand i have ever seen

  25. skeletonmi16 Avatar


    Wait, …

    Wait, i drove past a sign in sweden that said “komune”….. I think their Communists…… what ever that means…. my tv says its bad.

    I vote we should put a robotic hand on the moon, SHOW THEM GOOD!

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