Robot Wars Growler Pullback Toy Review

S2E18 A review of the pullback toy of the house robot Growler off of Robot Wars, produced by Logistix Kids.

Duration : 0:7:25





17 responses to “Robot Wars Growler Pullback Toy Review”

  1. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    my favorite memory …
    my favorite memory of Growler is from Extreme 2 with all the lower weight classes, 7-8 years on I still remember Growler going insane at Ellies Little Pink Bot XD, I think thats what it was called anyway lol

  2. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    @liamglen1 lol
    @liamglen1 lol

  3. liamglen1 Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 …
    @IndianaJoel93 probaly lol

  4. BellyLover06 Avatar

    It’s too bad they …
    It’s too bad they didn’t make this one or Mr Psycho in minibot form for the Minibot Arena.

  5. liamglen1 Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 …
    @IndianaJoel93 email me on this email address

  6. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    @liamglen ok, that …
    @liamglen ok, that was a bit random…

  7. liamglen Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 my …
    @IndianaJoel93 my real email adress is m i mean com

  8. liamglen Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 my …
    @IndianaJoel93 my real email adress is

  9. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    @liamglen the grey …
    @liamglen the grey one is from Hypno Disc, the black one is from Mr Psycho, I should know, I have a boxed Hypno Disc on my wall, even though its taped shut because I opened it lol

  10. liamglen Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 the …
    @IndianaJoel93 the wall is from hypnodisc not mr physco

  11. MrBv256 Avatar

    i got him about 5 …
    i got him about 5 years ago ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. Launch1995 Avatar

    after you do …
    after you do dominator 2, would it be possible to do a build a bigger brother?

  13. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @huckool have you …
    @huckool have you SEEN my 100 subscribers video?!?? lol! I was stripping my grandparents old garage roof and cut my arm on a piece of corrugated iron!

  14. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    @votesaxon07 I cant …
    @votesaxon07 I cant wait!

  15. huckool Avatar

    What’d you do to …
    What’d you do to your right hand? You had a red cut in your earlier videos and now it’s a scar. These pullback Robot Wars toys must be dangerous… ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. votesaxon07 Avatar

    @IndianaJoel93 Ah …
    @IndianaJoel93 Ah rite… thought it might be… Cheers!

    Dominator 2 is on the way… im trying to modify the plans to make it more like the actual robot! Its taking a while but its on its way!

  17. IndianaJoel93 Avatar

    the wall is from Mr …
    the wall is from Mr Psycho
    nice review, I love Growler ๐Ÿ˜€
    when are you going to do the “how to build a Dominator 2”?

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