Toyota shows off violin-playing humanoid robot

Toyota shows off a violin playing robot and a two-wheeled human transporter — the latest products of its robots program that seeks to develop a practical human assistance robot by the early part of the 2010s.

Duration : 0:3:28

[youtube qyPAIpXm-nU]

25 thoughts on “Toyota shows off violin-playing humanoid robot

  1. @deceiver123m so …
    @deceiver123m so why do we need robots thinking like humans if we have humans thinking like humans?its just to show off isnt it. cuz they have nothing better to do.

  2. uh!! uh!! I wanna …
    uh!! uh!! I wanna read 0s and 1s!! I wanna read 0s and 1s!! what is that called?

  3. @eyhexs

    01111001 …

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  4. the frog on the …
    the frog on the violin bow is huge. i think they got it speacil ordered

  5. you guys do realize …
    you guys do realize when they take over they will read these comments and then track you down, right?
    i for one welcome our new robot overlords;
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  6. lmao ,, one seems …
    lmao ,, one seems like real posh and stuff , playing violin , the other seems badass and plays air guitar.

  7. @bighands69 there …
    @bighands69 there is also a project in progress to copy the brain neurons. They replicate each neuron one by one. They put each replicate-neuron individually on a microchip. This new replicate-neuron thats on the chip is made of living tissue- its organic. It comes from a stem cell or something like that. They plan to put the micro-chips together to build a replicate human brain with neurons grown identical to the complicated pattern of the human brain. these scientists.

  8. @bighands69 …
    @bighands69 Sentiments, Attachments, state selection… are far different than in algos of “Artificial intelligence”. Humans have very unique approach and every human is different from every other!! Perfection is not always the answer in many cases!!

  9. @artistdigital


    You have just given an emotional statement that has not addressed any of the statements that I have made.

    What are you Imply by the “very complex operations” when discussing the human brain.

    and what are you meaning by “mystery in many ways”.

  10. @bighands69 Nopes!! …
    @bighands69 Nopes!! I think its a long way to go!! Comparing human brain to computers is shear stupidity!! Human brain is still a mystery in many ways!! Very complex operations take place within human brain, many so complex that we haven’t understood it till today!! 8/

  11. @AKARaccoons who? …
    @AKARaccoons who? no im not this person you speak of and i can assure you im not stupid im definatly not illogical and im very trusting in technology i just think robots dont feel emotions and they dont play with passion or fire unlike a human being who uses emotion and has a passion for playing also i think its unfair that humans play and practice for years and years but with a robot all they have to do is download a song and in minutes it can play im not saying this isnt a good thing.

  12. @violaman4 …Is …
    @violaman4 …Is this Dr. Mealy?

    I have a professor at my school called Robert Mealy, you sound a lot like him. Stupid, illogical, not trusting in technology.

    Heh, I dropped your class the first week. ^_~ If you aren’t Dr. Mealy, then I apologize, and I hope you don’t teach at MY school.

  13. i think while …
    i think while looking at these recent comments YouTube has become more of arguing then making videos

  14. @AKARaccoons oh …
    @AKARaccoons oh idiots like me? ive been playing violin,viola and piano for 20 years and humans will always have emotions and more musical talent than these lifeless machines ever will but of course im just an idiot i wouldent know anything about music even though im a university music teacher!!!!!! you sir are the idiot!

  15. @panterafist …
    @panterafist your nonsense!!!!!! robots are emotionless even if they make an emotion robot it wont play with passion!!! humans are living breathing things we are emotional towards loved ones unlike some computer that only dose as it is told!!!!!!!

  16. @CookieMonzta1995


    the human brain based on current neural models produce about 10 to the 16 computations per second.

    That is a conservative figure and as such would be at the highest level of a calculation.

    That is not just the reason that the human brain is a super powerful computer.

    The brain is like thousands of computers interacting at the same time (not actually the same time just a extremely speed).

    Future computers chips will act in the same manner.

  17. @bighands69 Quantum …
    @bighands69 Quantum computers 🙂 100 Quadrillion computations per second is the human brain right? Or I could be totally wrong 🙁

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