Robot Roboquad Attacks…(Animation – Episode #1)

I tried to give Roboquad a toy, but he didn’t like it very much. See it for yourself! This shows that we can’t really “exchange” affection with machines :- ) (or does it?). Enjoy!

Roboquad is a WowWee robot toy that hopes to bring together technology and personality. It is packed with advanced awareness, light and sound sensors, personality settings, and cool multidirectional movement capabilities. It does have a remote control, so you can use it as an electronic puppet too :- )

This is short cell phone film by featuring WowWee Roboquad, a robot toy, and Little Red Balloon.

Robot’s behavior
The interaction between Roboquad and the Little Red Balloon was programmed using its built-in program feature.

Cell phone camera
Motorola MOTORAZR V3m

Film Props
Red balloon

Sculptural objects


2007 ©

Duration : 0:1:15

[youtube DLFNcyT8iLE]

10 thoughts on “Robot Roboquad Attacks…(Animation – Episode #1)

  1. im gonna get this …
    im gonna get this for my nephew over the wii, i would get the wii if his was doing good in school!

  2. so …
    so coooooooooooooooool its awsome.i will have it for christmas and i think that i will love it.

  3. Finally, a great …
    Finally, a great attempt at the wide world of Roboquad program. Bloody brilliant!

  4. ohh yea first …
    ohh yea first comment lol… how much did u pay for yours I was hoping on getting one for christmas!!!

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