Human Looking Robot – (Actroid-F) 2010

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Creepy Japanese Expression-Mimicking Robot Hangs Out In Hospitals, “Comforting” Patients
AIST opened the doors to their lab for a few days and showed off some of their robotics development with Actroid-F.
The operator’s facial expressions and head movements are tracked and replicated by the female robot.

Duration : 0:2:39

[youtube 27qJIcvpQsk]

25 thoughts on “Human Looking Robot – (Actroid-F) 2010

  1. Aslong as robots …
    Aslong as robots dont actually develop consciousness I’m okay with it.
    I would love to have a little mini robot like tinkerbell or something flying around my head and sitting on my shoulder x)

  2. No. Multiculture, …
    No. Multiculture, wars and massimmigration is stupid. This is the future.
    Japan is a country every nation should take after.

  3. Espetáculo! Não dá …
    Espetáculo! Não dá muito tempo já terão algumas dessas que chupem e dêem a bunda.

  4. @antilect lol… …
    @antilect lol… your really naive if you think that . Robot for do labor huh? yeah right that why they but realisitic skin they make it smile yeah maybe we should think about that, if we actually can see that on you tube, what kind of technologies they actually have? off course its for labour sex and 2 serve us….realy naive tought

  5. It looks so real …
    It looks so real but the scary thing is that there’s like no life in her (its ? her ?) eyes. o.o

  6. This robot comforts …
    This robot comforts patients? To be honest, if I was a patient, I’d be running for my life.

    I just can’t explain why it’s so frightening–most likely it’s because it looks uncannily like a real person.

  7. Hmm, excellent …
    Hmm, excellent progress, my sexbot should be ready in a few more years, now if they can get it to run off Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets we’ll be set!

  8. Nice scene at …
    Nice scene at the end, Zoom in on her tits and have her give a pretend blow job

    Couldn’t trick me this time you asians 😉

  9. @LulzBat: I don’t …
    @LulzBat: I don’t think you can make babies with a robot.
    And if you do, it’ll be robotic babies.
    Suddenly humans won’t even exist anymore.
    Funny, yeah?

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