Boy Toy Emotional RoBot Music Video

Free Download of this song at Spread it around, lets make this a HiIT! If u run a Blog Holla at me!

The Boy Toy Factory: RoBot Wars Epic EP coming soon.

Song written, produced & recorded by me : )
Video Directed and post Edited by me : )
All of my outfits and most of Girl Toy Ericka’s outfits designed by me : )
Except for the Lace Tutu outfit designed by Faye hearts Violet : )

Gloves, spiked hats, arm warmers and other boy toy ish can be purchased at

Shout out to Brain from escape the matrix magazine who was an excellent stupendous assistant.
Shout outs to Chris, thug misses Ashley LeBlanc, R.K. iconic and others for supporting this project.

And a BIG ups to my Girl Toy Ericka….i dont even know what to say But this RoBot Fell In Love, cant wait for our next project, brace yourself : )
You wanted the Toy…and I wanted to play…whats a kid without a toy anyway?/

Duration : 0:6:1

[youtube YBpQY3BiUWw]

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  1. I love this. Your …
    I love this. Your creativity never lets me down, Tyreak. Keep it dope : )

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