Power Rangers DX Turbo Megazord Toy Review

This is my third Power Rangers toy review, my fourth Japanese robot toy review, and my first review of 2010. This is for the Power Rangers Turbo DX Turbo Megazord I got for for my 12th birthday in 1997. It is pretty short because there is not very much to see here. If you want to see the Turbo Megazord combined with the Rescue Megazord, please see part 2 of my Rescue Megazord review. Sorry that the video quality isn’t all that great – I am using a different camera because the one I was using does not work right now. On the bright side, there were no batteries that could die like what happened in two of my reviews.

I had to redo it because it messed up where I was showing Wind Chaser and Red Lightning in the sequence.

Duration : 0:4:31

[youtube wStmqcwI3YY]

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