Exciting Robotic Technology

For paralyzed people not being able to move around on their own is a difficult fact of life. But now one Israeli scientist is helping to change that with a new and exciting piece of robotic technology. Here’s a closer look.

Paralyzed for the past twenty years ex-paratrooper Radi Kaiof enjoys a new sensation – walking.

[Radi Kaiof, Former Paratrooper]:
“For me standing up and walking – I never even dreamt about it. I’ve been wounded for 20 years and I never dreamed I’d be able to walk.”

Radi’s dream has become a reality thanks to ReWalk, a remote-controlled suit developed by Argo Medical Technologies. Working somewhat like the exoskeleton of a crustacean, the system consists
of motorized leg supports and body sensors. A computerized control box is carried in a backpack while crutches help with balance.

But for Dr. Amit Goffer who invented the device, the greatest benefit to the user is the psychological impact.

[Dr. Amit Goffer, ‘ReWalk’ Inventor]:
“We shift the person, the moment the person is being shifted from a wheel chair user status to crutch user status it’s.. it’s a whole world, it’s a real revolution actually.”

But joining the revolution isn’t cheap. It’s estimated the product will sell for around 20,000 U.S. dollars.
While expensive, it’s a life-changing aid, allowing those who would otherwise be confined to wheelchairs a freedom to movement similar to able bodied people.

ReWalk is now in clinical trials and slated for commercial release in 2010.

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  1. Hesam0000 Avatar

    Berkeley Biomedics …
    Berkeley Biomedics model is more practical. Lets see who markets the first one.


    i guess …

    i guess its both….who knows maybe someday we will be cyborgs or will have robots as seen on the I Robot movie….

  3. shmelven Avatar

    I Dont Know If We …
    I Dont Know If We Are Walking Like Robots.. Or If Robots Are Walking Like Us….

  4. mars3554 Avatar

    reWalk = copy of …
    reWalk = copy of hal?
    hal = copy of reWalk?

    It looks like you have to turn on a walking algorithm instead of monitoring muscle sensors.

  5. AlchmstFullMetal Avatar

    true, but i dont …
    true, but i dont think you would be saying this if you were the paralyzed person for 20 years. you would want the joy of walking again wouldnt you?
    this is a step into the future. right now, what could the robot do, drag him across the floor? lift him?

  6. XxRobJohnsonxX Avatar

    Great…. now …
    Great…. now instead of finding ways of fixing our own flaws as humans we cover them up with robots. Make a robot that helps the man walk…. don’t fix his up spinal column. I see humans as really obese people having work done entirely by machines in the near future.

  7. isokessu Avatar

    I guess original …
    I guess original reason for that is that some peoples can’t walk but soon also soldiers use those in wars so they don’t get tired when they run or walk long distance with backpacs ..but not yet because it’s easier to run fast without that and it’s too expensive

  8. LOLstoplying Avatar

    and actualy for war …
    and actualy for war purposes

  9. benjoandrichie Avatar

    God blessed America …
    God blessed America with a suit 10 times better check it out

  10. RichardRoma1 Avatar


  11. outled Avatar

    what a pile of …
    what a pile of shit, this has nothing to do with helping the paralysed walk this is not a humanitarian device and that israeli did not invent it. sheep keep bleating the militaries tune.

  12. chilled99 Avatar

    Great machine. I’m …
    Great machine. I’m sure it will become even more ergonomic and cheaper in time. Might get my girlfriend one for the morning after some adventures.

  13. chilled99 Avatar

    He blessed Israel …
    He blessed Israel in 1947? I didn’t get the memo either.

  14. 13utt Avatar

    its made in japan …
    its made in japan dumb look you can even see the name an search it out

  15. isokessu Avatar

    actually all those …
    actually all those things are originally invented by japanese

  16. PrayForJerusalem Avatar

    God blessed Israel …
    God blessed Israel with much intellect look at their technology.

  17. ghostaliaz Avatar

    I think this is so …
    I think this is so cool because it gives a chance to people that could not walk before a chance to walk now & I would love to be there to see there faces the first time they walk. That must feel good for the doctor that helps them, because I know it would be such a rewarding feeling to help someone paralyzed walk. Wow what a feeling it must be!

  18. berserked90ita Avatar

    The date is the …
    The date is the same as the video. This is original content by this YouTube channel.

  19. yardentishtush Avatar

    very important-
    do …

    very important-
    do you know the publication date of this?

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