Autonomous mobile robot

This is an interdisciplinary project carried out at Copenhagen University College of Engineering.

We made all parts by ourself except the DC-motors, batteries, and microprocessor. A PI-controller has been programmed in the microprocessor to control the robot. The velocity of the robot lies between 1.6 to 1.8 m/s depends on the track condition. A combination of magnetic and optical sensors was used to ensure the maximum precision and fast tracking ability in all situations.

The robot has three different driving styles as comfort, sport, and racing. In the shown video the robot was running in the sport mode.

Duration : 0:1:59

11 thoughts on “Autonomous mobile robot

  1. wow that is amazing …
    wow that is amazing .. i did one but it wasnt as precise as that one.!!

  2. The steering is …
    The steering is controlled by a simple PI-controller loop implemented in a general propose microcontroller. It is a two-motors steering.
    You can find the control circuit and a lot of other inspirations in “Jones, Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation, 2nd edition”.

  3. I have a small …
    I have a small question?

    What type of steering control have you used?
    two motors steering? servo motor steering?

    Can you send me the circuit used in this car?

    Thank you in advance

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