Do you think robots will turn evil one day and take over the world?

Everything is so based on technology. Cars, internet sites, mobile phones, video games, planes to get to work, trains etc… Humans rely on technology so much that one day robots or cyborgs may turn crazy and try to take over the world. Or do you think humans will always have it under control?

I better keep an eye on my vacuum.

6 thoughts on “Do you think robots will turn evil one day and take over the world?

  1. Of course they will. I saw Terminator III. When SkyNet goes global it’s all over.

    Thinking computers will have to get much better, but perhaps some day there could be a danger of that.
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  2. Read Issac Assimov’s "I Robot".

    No, robots won’t take over the world. However, they are already taking people’s jobs. That’s kind of evil, but not of their own making.
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  3. They have already taken over the internet and every electronic device. HAL is always around and Colossus controls the military and the Borg have invaded medical institutions from the last decade.
    Even your washing machine will some day have warp power and take us to the ends of the clothing lines.
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  4. The idea of "evil" requires a predefined "good" to oppose. At present, robots simply follow the programs they are given. Any "evil" they may do is the fault of the programmers, the design engineers and the hardware. Whenever robots are designed to make decisions in response to their environment, they will still be limited by their designers’ programming. And if they ever get to the point of forming opinions, it will onky be because they’ve been given programming with ultimate goals and a lot of different ways to accomplish them. In that case, their opinions will be about how efficiently something will or won’t be toward accomplishing the goals.

    "Going crazy" isn’t really a function you can program, and "taking over the world" requires planning and competence. How do you define "taking over"? What does "taking over" involve? For what purpose would control be taken? Being in charge sounds very ominous, but you have to ask, to what end? What would the robots be directing us to do (that they couldn’t do better themselves)? A sentient robot could be programmed poorly, to seek unproductive goals, but it would try to accomplish them logically and efficiently. And bossing people around for the sake of bossing them around is not very efficient.
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