EEVblog #45 – Arduino, PICAXE, and idiot assembler programmers

Dave checks out what all the fuss is about with the Arduino, contemplates the PICAXE, and cuts loose on die hard assembly language programmers.
All with no more silly 10 minute youtube time limit. (Sorry about the mains hum again)

Duration : 0:19:5





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  1. smkatb Avatar

    good info
    good info

  2. FearTriX Avatar

    If the Chinese put …
    If the Chinese put their country’s outline under their boards then there would be no bottom signal layer! lol You can pronounce Arduino just fine Dave. Great way to engage the non-native English audience, especially Italians…and you said you hated marketing! You are actually very good at it 😉

  3. amazingrapist Avatar

    @maxbaga1 Get off …
    @maxbaga1 Get off the interent, wop.

  4. maxbaga1 Avatar

    @amazingrapist …
    @amazingrapist suca!

  5. amazingrapist Avatar

    @maxbaga1 Hey …
    @maxbaga1 Hey guinea, can you understand this: I’m a surrendering Nazi cunt!

  6. leehorst Avatar

    elevate your voice …
    elevate your voice much?

  7. checkers1811 Avatar

    One point to be …
    One point to be clear on. It does not support ‘double’ precision variables, it only supports ‘float’.

    Otherwise, it is a great system, as you have said. Duemillenova ==> 2009 which is the year it was introduced maybe? It is also very simple to create your own boards with other Atmel processors and use the Arduino IDE. I use the 644.

    The downside is that the boot loader takes up 1 large part of available flash. 1k of the 32k in the Arduino is for the boot loader. Try the ISP if mem. is needed.

  8. Rinidadta Avatar

    There are audio …
    There are audio files on the Arduino website that show you how to pronounce its name

  9. SCRTpilot Avatar


    I have bought …

    I have bought the Arduino Mega. What shield should I get for using stepper motors?


  10. gglovato Avatar

    hahah i guess i’m …
    hahah i guess i’m one of those dickheads assembler guys, BUT, very important BUT, i’ve NEVER would dare to mention that i could program faster or more efficiently, those are your assembler idiots…
    i program in mpasm because i find it easier for me and my old fashioned ideas and i have a huge dislike for high level PC-languages and a mental block on them haha, i find MPASM much closer to the hardware, allowing me to learn more and tinker more of the chip directly than a high level language

  11. williefleete Avatar

    if you look at some …
    if you look at some of my videos i have done some quite amazing projects using picaxe 08M’s including an ASCII 7 segment display a clock and several other things with less than 5 I/O’s and 256 bytes of picaxe user space

  12. maxbaga1 Avatar

    hey english man !

    hey english man !
    can you understand this: vaffanculo coglione !

  13. truhlikfredy Avatar

    It’s like creating …
    It’s like creating something and still have no clue how it’s works and what all it’s inside so they have no clue what it can break it, and have no clue why it’s working at the moment.Result,full of error prone devices. Do you want go to hospital where have some tools and anybody can do surgery without any knowledge or school.So they will to do it without any clue!Do you think it’s just asking for troubles?I think it is.As I said I like when something makes you live easier,but tools for idiots?NO

  14. truhlikfredy Avatar

    I like to get …
    I like to get better tools and have better time to market time. But I hate idiot tools, like frontpage, it was for idiots and everybody made just pages. But for example you have zend studio and it’s just text editor, but sophisticated. Like ubuntu, just linux for idiots, yes it will get a lot of funs because they don’t have to spend time to learn something to use it. But do you want have market full of devices from people who have nightmares to read at least little bit of documentation.

  15. truhlikfredy Avatar

    I think ardurino is …
    I think ardurino is crap. And yes I write a lot of ASM,but just where it’s needed. And sometimes you need to squeeze every bit from it and it pays of. You are complain on the retro stuff, that they did something properly, or the machine had couple kBs of ram and was capable to do so much and complaining about that you don’t see it these days.Because they don’t give a fu*k and now you are the same, because it’s not 1990 you should just have no clue how to write sw efficiently.

  16. TD47 Avatar

    Great review. I …
    Great review. I have to get me one of these so I can get some practical experience programming in C. Also, I programmed in assembly. I can’t imagine ANYONE programming in that language for more than a month. It’s really frustrating to write even the simplest of programs.

  17. Virtualmix Avatar

    @EEVblog Thanks for …
    @EEVblog Thanks for your reply, I didn’t mean to be rude.
    I just realised somebody left a similar comment 11 month ago…
    Great review apart from that 😉

  18. Virtualmix Avatar

    @EEVblog Thanks for …
    @EEVblog Thanks for your reply, I didn’t mean to be rude. That was my opinion.
    Great review apart from that 😉

  19. EEVblog Avatar

    @Virtualmix No, …
    @Virtualmix No, names don’t have to be in English, I just happen to personally not like the choice of these ones, it’s called an opinion. Arduino is growing on me, the other ones are not. I like the new Uno name.

  20. Virtualmix Avatar

    I guess your …
    I guess your definition of a good name is a name in English…
    You native English speakers can’t speak a word of any other language and believe others should adapt themselves to you.
    Why don’t you learn how to pronounce 2 words of Italian instead? That won’t kill you I promises.

  21. EEVblog Avatar

    @LauxHawk Thanks …
    @LauxHawk Thanks for the support, much appreciated. Glad to see some people “get it”!

  22. LauxHawk Avatar

    Well Dave. I was a …
    Well Dave. I was a bit of a dickhead myself to you in the past. But I’ve kind of taken that back. Your probably the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable electronics enthusiast on Youtube. But no one else does this, so thank you!

  23. psicodelio Avatar

    You should see the …
    You should see the pinguino project, it is an arduino type board but using the pics 18f4550 and 18f2550. Those chips has an build-in usb port, making unnecesary the ftdi chip. It’s faster to make in home and a lot cheaper. Cheers!

  24. iBradleyAllen Avatar

    Ive decided the …
    Ive decided the name is to be called “Ardino” when its spoken in Western English languages.

    We just do not utilize the U sound enough to make it worth it to pronounce.

    But Ahhr do ween oh ? no, too much work. One can only say it flexing all the throat muscles putting it in the top 20% hardest words to pronounce.

    Taking away the extra effort leaves only “Ahhrd no” People who want to spend all that extra energy to carry ALL the syllables across to the other side? we will know what you mean

  25. tomfoyfx Avatar

    They’re deekheds!
    They’re deekheds!

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