Vintage SH Horikawa Attacking Martian Robot Toy
Presenting a vintage Horikawa Attacking Martian battery operated toy robot with original box! C.1964. Made in Japan. Made of tin and plastic. No rust and broken parts. In very good shape! Some light scuffs and dust. Battery compartment is free from currosion. When I put in two size C batteries, the guns lit up and made a loud gun sound. The guns would stop and the toy would walk forward.

Measures a full 10″ inches tall.

I found an interesting write up about this toy in the book Vintage Toys: Robots and Space Toys:

“Around 1964, as the life began to ebb from their Attack Robot line, Horikawa put a spin on the theme with the Attacking Martian family of 11-inch product. Fundamentally identical to its Robot forebears, Attacking Martian boasts revised chest-panel artwork as well as updated chest-firing innards. In addition, designers changed small elements like the ears (formerly conical, now cylindrical) and revised the toy’s legs, eliminating the knock-knees in favor of a more straight-legged approach. Packaging is always middle-classed with Horikawa while not pedestrian, the art and typography aren’t exactly over the top, either. this version features the low / wide angle perspective which would dominate the depiction of Horikawa automata in later years.”

Duration : 0:1:1

[youtube xwkfBSU5_Po]

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  1. Holy crap! Duck in …
    Holy crap! Duck in cover! Recieving heavy fire! But seriously, these things are strangely cool.

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