Sun Tracking Solar Panel w/ Arduino

I had some little solar panels laying around and wanted to see if they would power the Arduino. They did. So, I wanted to see if I could make a sun tracking circuit to autonomously follow the sun throughout the day. So I did. Here is the result. If you wanna try it, you can download at: … The code is not perfect or commented. Enjoy

Duration : 0:2:34

[youtube ATnnMFO60y8]

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  1. Nice project. Here …
    Nice project. Here is a suggestion for you. You can measure the output power of the cells and use that to do the tracking. There is no need to use CdS cells or any photodiodes. Just rotate the array until you find a maximum.

  2. Could you post …
    Could you post which motor you used? Does it matter if you use a servo or stepper motor? Thanks!

  3. @luwe1 You could …
    @luwe1 You could always have a sensor on the back that checks if it is the brightest out of all (now 5 or 3) sensors, it makes a 45 or 90 degree turn

  4. HAHAHAHA!! Self …
    HAHAHAHA!! Self powering, self adjusting Solarpanel Controller… HOW SWEEEEET!!! EPIC mini Application that would work perfect on big grown Models too. BOTH THUMBS UP FOR THAT ONE! >> BTW: To reduce Costs, it also should be able to use only TWO light sensors… OR even less , if you would just messure the voltage of the left and right cells and compare those it should be also possible to steer the stand. MAYBE a calibration of right n left cell would be nessesary. but all in software.

  5. This looks like a …
    This looks like a well-made solar panel. Since we are engaged in the business of solar panel installations, we are sure that the video is going to inspire more people into making their own solar panels.

  6. @wild1357 not …
    @wild1357 not perpetual cos energy output is less than the energy input regardless of where that energy comes from (the sun in this case)

  7. Simply awesome …
    Simply awesome simple awesomeness! I’m going to go make one of these right now! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Is this arduino …
    Is this arduino thing what you are using to communicate between the server motors and photo resistors? So basically is this just an I/O board?

  9. so this is a X,Y …
    so this is a X,Y solar tracker. Is it possible to make a X,Y,Z tracker with the same controller using two additional vertical light sensors? This Device is amazing. could you give more info about the controller and the programming? I want to make a similar device but on a larger scale. Thank you in advance for your responce

  10. Fron John B.

    Fron John B.

    I? downloaded the files, which program do you use to view this files?

    Thanks John B.,

  11. Hello,
    Neat video …

    Neat video I would like to build one like it I use a pic 18, which should not matter.
    However, is there a way you can send me your source codes and possible a schematic.
    Thanks, John B

  12. @jeebug I agree, On …
    @jeebug I agree, On my channel I show a video from Stanford University with new Battery technology. The invented batteries from carbon nano tubes + normal paper + ink, and that makes an instant battery. More powerful then lithium and much less weight, and more durable. Check my videos 🙂

    Greets, iT

  13. @luwe1 Sunlight is …
    @luwe1 Sunlight is the easiest and cleanest way to produce energy. Using a focal point of sunlight on a Stirling engine or steam engine would provide enough power during the day to supply your daily electricity and be able to charge a small bank of batteries for nighttime consumption. Batteries are being improved at an expectational rate so in the near future you will have a battery the size of 4 car batteries powering a house for 3 days.

  14. so if you added two …
    so if you added two more photo resistors top and bottom it would track North South East West?

    Also I notice in the sun test you didn’t move it too much. If you turned it 180 degrees would it turn to the sun?

  15. Now the quesion is: …
    Now the quesion is:
    How much energy are you producing? and how much of that can be stored? (not used up by the arduino)
    pretty cool project tho!

  16. Love your proof of …
    Love your proof of concept approach!
    Very raw and bare bones, but Effective.
    I am most inspired!

    Keep up the great work. Look forward to more vids, so keep them coming.

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