Liquid Cooled Overclocked Arduino Part 1

The overclocked, liquid cooled Arduino running a blink sketch, and submerged in chilled nonconductive coolant. This is a normal 16 MHz Arduino that is overclocked to run twice as fast. The project details are at and

Duration : 0:1:14

[youtube -U-cc_Qcf-w]

25 thoughts on “Liquid Cooled Overclocked Arduino Part 1

  1. Lawl! Like heat is …
    Lawl! Like heat is the real issue with MCU overclocking…
    Best atMega “overclock” is not using any Arduino boards and moving on to ASM firmwares away from the sucky C code.

  2. @skierplaterandy …
    @skierplaterandy There is a HUGE difference betweeen a CPU in a pc and the microcontroller. Foe example, cpu in your computer uses around 80W on average which is 800 times more power than this thing and draws what, like 57A at 1.4V.

    80W will generate A LOT of heat, 0.1W is insignificant…

  3. @skierplaterandy

    Of course it generates some heat during operation, but this heat is pretty much unnoticable and has no effect on the operation of the device. Lets say this thing is drawing 20ma, 4 times what it normally uses or so. Thats about 0.1watts of heat assuming no power is lost anywhere else. Its not even worth mentioning

  4. @pieznice29 It …
    @pieznice29 It generates heat in normal operating conditions. Its just with the standard clock on the arduino, it is calculating 16 million times per second, and has time to dissipate that heat with absolutley no trouble at all. But the increase in clock makes the chip work harder, and create more heat.

    For example CPU’s in computers are the same, if you overclock without sufficient cooling, you will cause your cpu to burn.

  5. @skierplaterandy

    Please explain to me how it could generate any heat at all?

  6. I want some of that …
    I want some of that coolant JUST to drop my phone in and use it while it’s drenched in liquid. That’s badass.

  7. pointless as hell, …
    pointless as hell, this owuldnt effect the speed of anything.. not uploading or the performance of your sketch. do this if your a loser with no life

  8. @braveheart792


    Maybe look up the definition of “?”.

    It was a question. Not a statement of fact.

  9. someone did make a …
    someone did make a supercompuer out of basic stamps, maybe this guy wants to challenge? /watch?v=huukEEwy-3E

  10. @pieznice29
    its …

    its just like a normal processor in you computer when it comes to generating heat.
    the faster it runs, the more heat it generates

    there’s a point when the controller suddenly starts heating up faster, and then there’s a place again where the heat producing almost stays the same. Above a certain point even above that, it finally starts heating up quadratically… (i know i made some simple mistakes)

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  12. i think its already …
    i think its already 32MHZ and he upgraded it by 64MHZ crystal i am not sure about that though

  13. Clock sets by clock …
    Clock sets by clock generator (left metal thing above liquid). He simple change 16Mhz crystal to 32Mhz crystal.

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