Arduino Watch: Biopunk Edition

The Biopunk and Steampunk Arduino Watches provide augmented sensing of temperature and range, 16-bit color drawing program, Breakout game, and also tells the time in your choice of digital, binary, or analog. Additional sensors, devices, and programs are easy to add as any standard Arduino.

Duration : 0:2:51

[youtube KqO87pZWYuc]

9 thoughts on “Arduino Watch: Biopunk Edition

  1. @Spydamonky1 …
    @Spydamonky1 Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform, designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible. he project began in Ivrea, Italy in 2005 to make a device for controlling student-built interaction design projects less expensively than other prototyping systems available at the time. You could not like this invention, but Arduino, and the Open Source world is the right way for a better future.

  2. this is great work. …
    this is great work. i like that you explore it’s practical uses and it’s potential for fun. you pronounce arduino incorrectly.

  3. i was like wow this …
    i was like wow this looks like crap at first but now i realize that u guys r on 2 some thing cool idea and great work

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