NXT Lego Mindstorms colour ball sorter ( 9797 Lego kit )

Hey you all, 1-st Thanks for watching this video 🙂 !

Well, it’s my 1 builds with NXT Lego Mindstorms, and it’s a colour ball sorter, it sorts blue and white balls as u saw. I made it my self, i had 1 similar sorter too but it didn’t work coz of the heavy weight and “bad” gearing for turning.

Building :
The sorter itself, its based on tutorial found on internet, but i built it only with 9797 kit so i hadn’t got those pieces needed and modified it really much. if someone wants then i could upload or send pictures of that or building instructions.

Original had a colour sensor, i don’t have it, so the program found in the internet didn’t work either, i made myself one. it is really simple actually, switch-(light sensor switch)- true and false, one ball had about ~32% of reflected light(white), and blue one ~60% (dont remember then exactly.) but yeah, if it is under ~50% reflected light then it turned right and put the white ball to right, if it was more than 50% then turned left…

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Duration : 0:3:48

[youtube FVpqxhsBHtw]

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