ABB Robotics – Handling bottled water

With the help of ABB robots, bottled water provider, Oasis Water Company in UAE, has automated a once-hazardous operation and increased its production capacity so much that the firm is now the second largest 5-gallon water bottle producer in the world.

Paul Dunlea, plant manager for the firm’s Dubai facility says “Thanks to ABB robots the factory is now producing 60,000 5-gallon bottles a day. This is a huge achievement that wouldn’t be possible without the robots.”

With the company’s previous mechanical rack loader set-up, it was able to achieve cycle times of 29-30 seconds, however thanks to ABB’s robots the firm has been able to cut cycle times and increase productivity by an impressive 36%.

In addition to helping Oasis Water gain a competitive advantage in terms of production, the ABB robots have also helped create a safer working environment for plant employees.

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