Using an Arduino and Wii Nunchuck to Control a Robot

Controlling an Arduino Controlled Servo Robot – (SERB) – using a Wii nunchuck controller.

For details on how to do it yourself please visit:

Or to purchase the Arduino Controlled Servo Robot – (SERB) – Kit visit:–kit1.html

Duration : 0:0:41

[youtube Qlukl5fLi7s]

22 thoughts on “Using an Arduino and Wii Nunchuck to Control a Robot

  1. IR transmission …
    IR transmission would be WAY easier using a pre-made library (ken sherriff has a good one)

  2. Nice!. ” …
    Nice!. “BlueNunchuck” is very easy 🙂
    search youtube for: villamany nunchuck

  3. @darkgodofgames …
    @darkgodofgames they make wireless nunchucks so it wont be to hard

  4. @theodosisable

    you need to write it yourself but the basics of the code can be found in the wii nunchuck exemple code

  5. i ve got this …
    i ve got this little ardubot which is called serb i have to tell that is pretty cool.lately i bought a wii nunchuk but i can nowhere find this code in order to control it with the nunchuk . could anyone please copy and paste it to me? thnks.

  6. how to do you set …
    how to do you set the code for the output code of the wii nunchuck? did you set up a arduino realay to your computor and just work it that way?

  7. You can Google the …
    You can Google the word “Wiichuck”. Or just make one like I did. Making one is very very easy.

  8. you have a wireless …
    you have a wireless wii ninchuck ont the market so that would be cool

  9. it’s not really a …
    it’s not really a robot is it ? … I mean … it’s more like an nunchuk operated r/c car.. wel yeah not really r/c … but wire controlled 😛

  10. It should be pretty …
    It should be pretty simple to make this wireless. Just add one more arduino and some xbee chips to transfer data wirelessly.

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