Arduino sketch that can program other boards

Here is an Arduino sketch I’ve developed that is able to “copy itself” to other boards it is connected to via serial.

The code can now be found at:

After you’ve finished watching this video, take a look at the updated self-replicating version of the sketch:

It is an implementation of the STK500 protocol within an Arduino sketch. STK500 is used by avrdude and the Arduino IDE to write sketches to AVR chips.

A normal sketch (‘BlinkSync’ is used in the video) is first compiled and then converted from the Intel Hex format to a series of bytes written in C (by a Python script), which can be inserted into the Copier sketch as the data to be written to the destination Arduinos.
Afterwards, the Copier sketch and the BlinkSync sketch are stuck together, resulting in a sketch that performs both the original task and the copying of that task to other boards.

Duration : 0:4:30

[youtube M-sFQNIXde8]

8 thoughts on “Arduino sketch that can program other boards

  1. What about an …
    What about an Arduino that can programm an “naked” Atmel controller without any bootloader yet??

  2. If Board 1 is the …
    If Board 1 is the programmer and Board 2 is the ‘programee’, then they are wired up as follows:

    Board 1 RX -> Board 2 TX
    Board 1 TX -> Board 2 RX
    Board 1 5V -> Board 2 5V
    Board 1 GND -> Board 2 GND
    Board 1 D7 -> Board 2 Reset

    (D7 is Digital Pin 7)

  3. Do you have a …
    Do you have a diagram or list for the physical connections between the two boards?

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