ABB Robotics – new Arc Welding robot with Integrated Dressing (ID)

ABB has launched an additional model in its IRB 2600 mid range robot family. The IRB 2600ID is the first ID robot to be offered in the range and has a reach of 2 meters and a payload capacity of 8 kg. The IRB 2600ID robot features a unique combination of high payload capacity, a large working range and Integrated Dressing (ID), which routes the arc welding hose package inside the robot’s upper arm and wrist.

The IRB 2600ID industrial robot brings Integrated Dressing (ID) technology to a larger working envelope and can reduce arc welding cycle times by up to 15% and rogramming times by up to 90%

For more information visit the IRB 2600ID home page:

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    At 20 seconds into …
    At 20 seconds into the video, when the nozzle stayed center while the arm rotated it around to access different points, wow, just wow. That’s some amazing stuff right there.

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